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If you need top-quality embedded system design and engineering services, please contact us via email, eric@brouhaha.com. We are experts with the Ubicom IP2022, Microchip PIC, and many other microcontrollers.
files deleted files undeleted keys punched
peepholes optimized registers colored bootstraps loaded
RISCs taken branches predicted caches checked
twos complemented (three's a crowd) decimals hexed
packets routed broadcasts stormed bits manipulated
numbers crunched networks terminated contexts switched
garbage collected bit buckets emptied buffers flushed
functions called loops iterated tails recursed
mutuals excluded semaphores held connectors mated
pixels blitted rasters scanned windows washed
objects oriented pounds defined pointers dereferenced
constants changed variables bound (and gagged)
protocols stacked demands paged symbols tabled
interrupts masked exceptions handled core dumped
hexes inverted heads crashed macros expanded

Our specialty is reverse defenestration:
throwing windows out of a computer.

Will network TCP/IP for food
(Twinkies and Jolt preferred).
Mind your Ps and Vs, and your Queues will take care of themselves.

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