Cross Development

I do a lot of cross development from a Linux host to Motorola 68K family targets using the FSF GNU tools. I'm currently using GCC 2.7.1, Binutils 2.6, and GDB 4.14.

Instead of using the standard GCC revision, you might want to use egcs, which is based on GCC.

Cygnus has patches for GCC to simplify building it for cross development on their FTP server.

Scott Howard maintains a FAQ with many helpful hints.

Cygnus also offers a standard C library called newlib which isn't copylefted.

Olav Wölfelschneider has written a HOWTO giving details and a few more patches specific to Linux. It's very old, so parts of it aren't completely relevant any more, but parts of it are still helpful.

If you want to use ELF object format for a 68K target, you'll need some patches.

There is a cross-gcc mailing list. To subscribe, send a message to with a subject line of "subscribe crossgcc".
Ports of GNU Tools to various microcontrollers:
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