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I first saw a Toshiba Libretto 20 in August of 1996, and knew I had to have one to replace my aging Toshiba T4600 laptop. At that time Toshbia did not offer the Libretto in the US market. In the spring of 1997, T-Zone opened a store in Sunnyvale, and offered the Japanese Libretto 50 for sale.

Barely larger than a VHS tape, and weighing less than 2 pounds, the Libretto 50 has:

By August 1998, the Libretto 50 was long since obsolete, and the newer Libretto 70 and 100 were widely available. I considered upgrading to the 100, which offered a wider display. I was using my 50 all the time, and didn't know how I ever got by without it.

However, in late 2000 my Libretto 50 broke. It started crashing frequently, and could only be used after both removing the batteries and flexing the unit slightly. Apparently a solder joint or PCB trace developed an intermittent fault. Rather than getting it repaired, I ended up replacing it with an IBM ThinkPad 240. The ThinkPad 240 is still pretty small compared to mainstream portables, but is much larger than the Libretto. I found the 800x600 display to be a big improvement over the 640x480 of the Libretto, but due to the larger size and weight I do not carry the ThinkPad around all the time like the Libretto.

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