6809 stuff

The 6809 and the Hitachi 6309 are obsolete, sadly. You can still usually find the 6809 as old stock or surplus, but the 6309 is now very difficult to find.

If you want to run 6809 code, alternatives to the actual chip include simuation and FPGAs.

Files from the C/C++ Users Group library:

The C/C++ Users Group library is available on CD-ROM and online at http://planetmirror.com/pub/cug/.

OS-9 stuff:

C compilers for the 6809:

Ports of several GCC versions are freely available:

Obsolete versions:

Pascal compiler for the 6809:

The Certsoft web site has the source code for a Pascal cross compiler for the 6809.


John Kent has published his FPGA designs which include a 6809 core in VHDL along with a VGA display controller: The Xilinx Spartan 3 Starter Board is available for US $99, providing a relatively inexpensive way to get started.

The BurchED B5-X300 and related products are also a good value. They cost a little more for a starter system, but are more capable and offer more choices for off-the-shelf expansion.

The Xilinx WebPACK development software can be downloaded at no charge.

There are also several commercially licensable VHDL 6809-compatible processor cores:

More 6809 stuff on the web:

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