Personics/Sony CDK-006 CD Changer Restoration


In 1995, a large number of Personics-modified Sony CDK-006 CD changers became available on the surplus market. Personics used these units along with special encrypted discs in a point-of-sale high-speed dubbing system.

The Personics modifications made the CDK-006 run at several times faster than the normal speed, and added a proprietary digital output. Unfortunately neither of these changes are of any benefit to those who wish to use these for normal audio discs.

With a small number of replacement parts, a skilled electronics technician can restore one of these units to Sony factory spec, allowing it to be used for normal audio. For instance, a restored player can be used in a Seeburg jukebox.


The procedure described calls for the use of a "servo measurement adapter" and an "events counter probe". I do not know of any source for these test fixtures. They may be standard Sony test fixtures used for many CD players. The CDK-006 service manual only gives a simplified servo adjustment procedure that does not rely on a servo measurement adapter.

For the Rev. 17 main board, the crystal frequency specified (8.4672) must be EXACT (to within normal crystal tolerances, i.e., ± 30 PPM). A frequency that is merely "close" is not good enough. In my experience this crystal frequency is not commonly available as a stock item from most electronics distributers such as Digikey and Mouser. However, it is used in many CD players and even some DVD players, so you may be able to salvage a suitable crystal from a discarded player.

Warnings and Disclaimer

The Sony BU-1B optical pickup assembly is very STATIC SENSITIVE. Proper antistatic handling procedures MUST be used to avoid irreparable damage.

This modification information is provided with NO WARRANTY. Any modifications you may make to your CD changers are entirely at YOUR OWN RISK.

If you do not have experience with proper antistatic handling procedures and surface mount soldering, do not attempt this modification, as you are likely to damage your CD changer.

Parts list

Ref # Personics Sony
part # description part # description
C101 32011 2200 pF 1-161-377-00 Ceramic 4700 pF 10% 16V
C107 32013 0.012 uF 1-136-159-00 Film 0.033 uF 5% 50V
C615 32021 22 pF 1-102-964-00 Ceramic 36 pF 5% 50V
C616 32034 100 pF 1-102-976-00 Ceramic 180 pF 5% 50V
R536 27023 25 turn 50 Kohm pot 1-247-864-11 Carbon 24K 5% 1/4W
RV602 27022 5 Kohm pot 1-226-772-11 4.7 Kohm pot
T601 36001 1.5 uH 1-426-212-11 5.6 uH coil (RF)
X601 unknown 1-567-301-21 crystal 8.4672 MHz
none 45002 1N914 diode, paralleled with C601 remove
none 24440 374 Kohm resistor, paralleled with R601 remove

Note: X601 is only needed for Rev. 17 main boards. Prior revisions (12, 13, & 16) need only to have the jumper wire replaced near C326 and the legend "8.4672 MHz".


Last updated August 30, 2004

Copyright 2004 Eric Smith

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