AT&T/Teletype 5620 Dot Mapped Display Terminal

The 5620 was the first commercial version of Rob Pike's BLIT terminal. The original BLIT design used a common Motorola 68000 microprocessor. Since Western Electric, an AT&T subsidiary, was in the microprocessor business, the 5620 used a Western Electric WE32000 microprocessor instead. Later models, the 630 and 730, reverted to the 68000.

AT&T 5620 (and Related Terminals) FAQ

David Dykstra of Bell Labs (formerly AT&T) was able to arrange for release of the source code for the 5620 cross-development system and ROMs, and other useful software under the terms of the Free Software Foundation General Public License.

A scan of the 5620 engineering drawings (95 B-size pages including schematics, assembly drawings, circuit descriptions) is available for download:

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