Motorola MC14500B Industrial Control Unit (ICU)

Instruction Set

opcode mnemonic operation notes
binary hex internal external
0000 0 NOP0 - pulse FLG0
0001 1 LD RR := (DATA and IEN) -
0010 2 LDC RR := not (DATA and IEN) -
0011 3 AND RR := RR and (DATA and IEN) -
0100 4 ANDC RR := RR and not (DATA and IEN) -
0101 5 OR RR := RR or (DATA and IEN) -
0110 6 ORC RR := RR or not (DATA and IEN) -
0111 7 XNOR RR := RR xnor (DATA and IEN) -
1000 8 STO DATA := RR if OEN pulse WRITE
1001 9 STOC DATA := not RR if OEN pulse WRITE
1010 A IEN IEN := DATA -
1011 B OEN OEN := DATA -
1100 C JMP - pulse JMP
1101 D RTN skip next instruction pulse RTN skip necessary because in a typical hardware implementation, a subroutine call will push the current address rather than an incremented address
1110 E SKZ if RR = 0, skip next instruction -
1111 F NOPF - pulse FLGF

Most MC14500B systems will route the RR output to one of the selectable inputs. This provides an easy way to complement RR, and to load 1 into IEN or OEN. Alternatively, the a contant 1 may be provided as one of the selectable inputs.

Simple MC14500B systems do not need to support branching. OEN can be used as a means of implementing conditional expressions.

If the program is smaller than the memory size, the remainder of memory can be filled with NOP instructions. Or FLG0, FLGF, or JMP can be wired to reset the program counter.


VHDL Description

I've written a VHDL description of the MC14500B. However, it has not been tested. There is no warranty. Note that the code is NOT in the public domain.

Last updated January 27, 2010

Copyright 2002, 2004, 2010 Eric Smith

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