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Microcontroller Disassemblers

Disassemblers for Linux/Windows, with C source code
GNU General Public License version 3

Download version 3.4.1 - C source code and documentation (September 2007, 172KB):      d52v341.zip
Binaries for Linux (66K) and Windows (78K)
(Note that these are command line programs. If you click on them from your GUI, nothing will happen. Read the documentation.)

Update Sept 8, 2007. This patch allows decimal numbers in the control file, instead of just hexadecimal.
To specify a decimal number, preceed it with a '#' character. Example: #100 means decimal 100, not 100H.

Preview release of Dis52 - GUI front end for D52, D48, and DZ80.
dis52-0.0.0-beta-2.tar.gz source code (62KB).
Windows binaries (zip file 41KB).
SDL.dll for Windows binaries (zip file 95KB).
Requires SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) library (www.libsdl.org) and D52.

Screen shots of Dis52 main screen and disassembly window (resizeable).

Copyright 2007 - Jeffery L. Post