edit33: Symbol Editor for DEC PDP-1 Type 33 Symbol Generator

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The DEC PDP-1 computer was typically equipped with a Type 30 Precision CRT Display, which was a point-plot (X-Y) display. There was a less common option, the Type 33 Symbol Generator, which provided for faster display of small symbols defined using a five by seven dot matrix. The matrix was encoded as two 18-bit data words, with one bit per dot and an extra bit to denote that the symbol should be displayed in a subscript position.

Edit33 is a simple program to allow graphical editing of these five by seven symbols, with display of the octal values needed for the two data words.

Edit33 uses the GTK+ toolkit.


Edit33 is made available under the terms of the Free Software Foundation's General Public License, Version 2. There is NO WARRANTY for edit33.

Source code is available for download.


Edit33 development uses the Subversion revision control system. Instructions for access to the Subversion repository for edit33 are found at http://svn.brouhaha.com/, and there is a web interface to browse the repository at http://svn.brouhaha.com/viewcvs/edit33/.

Last updated December 29, 2010

Copyright 2005, 2010 Eric Smith


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