mmon: tiny monitor program for MIPS VR4300

mmon is a tiny monitor program for the VR4300 MIPS processor. It can operate with NO working RAM, using only the processor registers, so it can be useful for hardware bringup, including testing a RAM controller.

With minor changes, mmon should be usable on other 64-bit MIPS processors. mmon was originally assembled using the SDE-MIPS tool chain from Algorithmics, which is probably no longer avaialble.

Alexander Voropay has ported mmon to run on QEMU, building with the GNU toolchain.

Commands are:

db <addr1> [<<addr2>>] dump memory bytes from addr1 to <addr2> (non-inclusive)
dh <addr1> [<<addr2>>] dump memory half-words (16-bit)
dw <addr1> [<<addr2>>] dump memory words (32-bit)
sb <addr> <data>... store one byte of data to address
sh <addr> <data>... store one half-word (16-bit) of data to address
sw <addr> <data>... store one word (32-bit) of data to address
swl <addr> <data> store word left
swr <addr> <data> store word right
fb <addr1> <<addr2>> <data> fill bytes of memory
fh <addr1> <<addr2>> <data> fill half-words
fw <addr1> <<addr2>> <data> fill words
l load S-records
g <addr> go (start execution at address)


mmon is distributed under the terms of the Free Software Foundation's General Public License, Version 2. If you agree to the terms of the license, you may download it.

QEMU port by Alexander Voropay, builds with GNU toolchain:

Description File Size Timestamp
Version 0.5a, for QEMU 8.1, includes YAMON API mmon-qemu-0.5a.tar.gz 29K Thursday, 04-Jan-2007 12:47:21 MST
Version 0.5, for QEMU earlier than 8.1 mmon-qemu-0.5.tar.gz 31K Friday, 12-May-2006 03:42:14 MDT

Original version:

Description File Size Timestamp
Original mmon-0.5.tar.gz 18K Tuesday, 05-Aug-2003 02:29:31 MDT

Last updated January 4, 2007

Copyright 2003, 2006, 2007 Eric Smith

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