Verbum: punch human-readable text on paper tape


Verbum is a program to punch human-readable text on paper tape, for use as a leader before a program. It was written for the PDP-1 Restoration Project. The 64-character subset of ASCII printable characters (codes 20 through 5F hexadecimal) are available as a 5x7 font. Only the least significant seven channels of eight-level tape are used, with the most significant channel always zero (no holes), so that the readin mode of the PDP-1 will ignore the text.


    verbum "text" <program.rim


Verbum is made available under the terms of the Free Software Foundation's General Public License, Version 2.

Verbum is written in C and should be fairly portable.

Source code is available for download.

Verbum development uses the Subversion revision control system. Instructions for access to the Subversion repository for verbum are found at, and there is a web interface to browse the repository at

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Last updated May 13, 2005

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