A Propeller/PC Logic Analyzer Application

Propalyzer Features

  • Parallax Propeller Powered Logic Analyzer sampler
  • 2Hz to 80MHz sample rate
  • Allows group assignment
  • Has timing and state list windows
  • Provides optional Propeller download
  • Capture, Continuous Capture, and Snap-shot Control
  • Provides Mask, Arm, and Trigger controls
  • Provides context sensitive ordered bit control
  • Could easily be used with other microcontrollers

Download Propalyzer Propeller Forum Thread

Get Propeller Power!

Propeller floats in a class by itself!


Propalyzer Screen Shot

Propalyzer List Window

Piggyback Propeller DIP40 Connections

  • List groups same as in waveform display
  • List groups move and resize
  • Data filterable by mask
  • Data filterable by consecutive duplicates

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