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Embedded System Design and Engineering Services

If you need top-quality embedded system design and engineering services (PIC-based or otherwise), please contact me via email,

Free PIC Help...

... isn't available from me. Sorry. Too much work, too little time. And too many people trying to get me to do their homework for them. Rather than mailing me, your time would be better spent searching the archives of the PICLIST.

Eric's PIC Projects

I developed most of these projects during various vacations to Colorado. My friend Richard Ottosen built most of the hardware, and helped debug my code.

Since these are just spare-time hacks, no documentation is available for any of them but the Closed-Caption decoder.

For the benefit of those not running Unix, I am now supplying .zip files in addition to the .tar.gz files. The file contents are identical, so text lines are separated by line feed characters only (Unix-style). You may need to use an editor or other utility program to insert carriage returns.

Code is available for:

Code is not currently available for:

My friends have designed various other PIC projects.

Free PIC Development Tools

Several people have written good GPL'd PIC development tools: For more, see the GNUPIC Project.

Code fragments, tips, and techniques

Hardware tips and tricks

FAQ and mailing list

Tom Kellet compiled a PIC FAQ. The most recent version I've found is dated 29 Jun 1995.

For information on subscribing to the PICLIST, or searching the PICLIST archives, go to the PICLIST Home Page.

Vendors of PIC-related products

I don't have time to try to maintain a comprehensive list, so this only includes the companies whose products I have personally had experience with.

Other PIC resources on the Web

PC interfacing

General embedded system links

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